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Patch Manager

Logiciel de gestion automatisée des patchs de correction

À partir de 430 €HT

  Le logiciel DameWare Patch Manager étend les capacités de Microsoft® Windows® Server Update Services (WSUS) pour permettre un déploiement rapide et facile, la gestion et le reporting sur Microsoft et 3e correctifs de partie par une console unique et intuitive.

Easily Patch Servers & 3rd Party Apps with DameWare Patch Manager Software


Centralized Patching of Microsoft Servers and Third-Party Apps

DameWare Patch Manager enables you to easily deploy and manage both third-party applications and Microsoft patches, from a central point of control, across tens of thousands of servers and workstations. Microsoft SCUP and complicated scripted are not required when you are using DameWare patch management software.

Delivers centralized patching of third-party applications and Microsoft applications


Does not require Microsoft SCUP or complicated scripting


Agentless Scalable Architecture

DameWare Patch Manager offers an agentless, scalable architecture and is fast and easy to install. Patch Manager’s intelligent configuration wizard guides you step-by-step through the process of installing and preparing to patch every workstation or server in your environment. Simplify software patching with DameWare patch management software.

Agentless architecture speeds deployment


Leverages your existing technology – no long learning curve


Scales to meet the needs of companies of all sizes


Simplifies patch management across your physical and virtual infrastructure


Enables patching of offline physical and virtual machines


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DameWare Patch Manager à partir de 430 €HT

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